Pre Holiday

Are you about to go on a special vacation and want to document it so you can relive it forever? We can give you advice on how to get amazing footage as well as offering GoPro hire to improve the quality of your media.

  • Questionnaire pre and post trip to tell us about your holiday & brief

  • Advice on how to improve your camera skills and quality of footage

  • Unlimited Photo Upload

  • Unlimited Video Upload

  • Optional GoPro Hire (£5 a day additional up to maximum of £70)

Price: £229

Post Holiday

Have you been on a memorable trip where you have taken hundreds of photos and videos? Are those photos and videos still left unsorted, unused and unseen? Let us sort, enhance and edit them into an wonderful video you can use to relive your holiday.

  • Questionnaire post trip to tell us about your holiday & brief

  • Unlimited Photo Upload

  • Unlimited Video Upload

Price: £199


Have you been travelling for a long period time around a country, a continent or the whole world? Do you want a longer video to share your adventures with your friends and family and to relive your once in a lifetime experiences whenever you want? Get started with us now.

  • Questionnaire/call post trip to tell us about your travels & video brief

  • Unlimited Photo Upload

  • Unlimited Video Upload

Price: £299

Get Started

To begin the process of making your video simply fill in the short form below and we will get in touch with the first steps. To find out more about the process and to see our previous work, scroll down.


Example Videos

Our videos are generally 3-6 minutes long. Take a look at some of the incredible videos we have edited so far! 



Before and/or after your holiday let us know about your trip. Informing us about your experiences, highlights and vision for the video will allow us to make the video perfect and personalised for you. We will also guide you how to get the most out of your footage.


Send in your footage and photos via uploading online onto Google Drive or via USB sent by post. (Sending via USB will be quicker and easier if you are uploading a large amount of video and you have slow wifi.) If you hired a GoPro, return via the packaging we provide.


You will be sent your video no longer than eight working days after we have received your footage. You will be able to view and download the video online and on USB (if requested) to enjoy endlessly.

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