Have a look at our FAQs to see if your query is answered there. If not and you have a question about our services, process or have a special request - we'd love to hear from you!


How long will it take for my video to be sent to me?

 A date for your video arrival will be given once you have sent/uploaded your footage to Rebus. All videos will be returned within ten working days of the footage arriving. 

When and how do I pay?

If you are hiring a GoPro the hire cost will be paid prior to the delivery of the GoPro to you. The full price of the video can be paid at any time up to when you upload all of your footage. Our editors will not begin editing the video until the full amount has been paid. The details on how to pay will be sent via email.

Do I pay extra for GoPro hire?

The GoPro hire will be included in your total price and is charged at £5/day up to a maximum of £70.

Can I request a video edit for a different occasion than a holiday?

Absolutely. Rebus will edit any footage you have to your needs whether you want a video for a party, all your home footage or almost anything else - just send in your request under the 'other' package and we will send you a quote.

Can I request a video that is longer than six minutes?

Yes you can, our editors will make a video for whatever your needs are. Although it is recommended that videos last between 4-6 minutes because this ensures the video stays entertaining, snappy and fun throughout. 

What happens if the footage I upload is not good enough to make a video?

We are very confident we will be able to turn any of your footage/photos into a video you will be happy with. However if our editors feel it is not possible then we will get in touch to discuss how we can proceed or offer a refund.

How do I upload my footage/photos?

You will be emailed a shared drive folder that is only visible to you and Rebus to upload all of your footage & photos. If you are sending via USB you will be emailed an address to post the USB to.

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