About Us

Why Rebus? 

Rebus is an ancient game where the player puts a series of photographs together which as a total gives a greater meaning, a word or a phrase. The player then deciphers what the collated photos mean.  This is what we aim to do. We want to bring together all of your videos and photos into a video to tell a story and give a greater use to your media.

How did Rebus start?

The company was founded by me, Matt (skydiving), a graduate at the University of Bath. I have made videos for myself, my friends and family for years. I also realised with the advancement of smart phones and cameras everyone has hundreds of amazing videos and photos sat unused in a digital grave. 

After seeing the happiness that my videos gave and knowing that there is so much amazing footage wasted, I decided to start the company. Rebus videos make use of all that unused media and give people joy from reliving their holiday. 

What do we value?

At Rebus we want to turn your holidays into videos you can enjoy and use to relive your memories whenever you want for years to come. We place high importance on communication. This ensures that the things that made your time special, like a great story or a particular highlight, are reflected in the video. This produces a personalised product for you. This also ensures our business offerings are perfect for your brand and message. We will not stop until you are happy with the end product.

Rebus Edit Ltd | 2019 | enquiries@rebusedit.co.uk